New Plymouth Boys’ High School, a boys secondary school, was established in 1882 with over 1200 boys enrolled and includes a boarding establishment on site. The school is located on 14 hectares of park-like grounds in the central New Plymouth area and overlooks the sea.

Classrooms are well equipped which includes specialised teaching rooms for Technology, Hospitality and Music. Within the school grounds, there is a hockey turf, along with two football fields, two rugby fields, six tennis courts, squash courts and a gymnasium.

The School believes in a holistic education for its students with a wide choice of academic programmes as well as many sporting and cultural activities for students to select from. Students who attend New Plymouth Boys’ High School will get the opportunity to excel academically as well as in the sporting and cultural fields.

New Plymouth Boys’ High School has a New Zealand wide, as well as an international, reputation for excellence, service and achievement. Many of the school’s students move onto University study once they finish their education at our school.

New Plymouth Boys’ High School offers international students the choice of hostel accommodation or staying in the home of a local family.

My name is Magnus. Last year I decided to improve my english skills and in wanted to come to New Zealand. I am now in New Zealand for five months and stay in the hostel of the New Plymouth Boys’ High School. The dorms, where I sleep, are quite big, but the advantage of this is, that it is easier to make new friends. The food in the hostel is compared with different hostels very good. I play here much hockey. The hockey team of my school plays a very exciting hockey. We play quite often games which are on a high level. In the holidays, I explored the north and south Island, both are awesome and I have spent time with some good family homestays. Classes are different than in Germany, I enjoyed doing subjects like Woodwork and Outdoor Education. The school is very large and beautiful in size and you have to walk along way between classes. The nature here in New Zealand is unique. It has been an amazing time and I recommend everyone, who has got the opportunity, an exchange over to New Zealand.

Magnus von Schenck


What makes us unique?

New Plymouth Boys’ High School is located in the region of Taranaki . In 2017 the Lonely Planet voted Taranaki as the second best region in the world to visit. It has as a blend of natural beauty, with many attractions and activities. It is described as ‘real New Zealand’ and presents a destination with something for everyone.

All year round there is something to see and do. In the winter you can ski on Mount Taranaki and surf the beaches on the same day. New Plymouth and the wider area of Taranaki is one of New Zealand’s surfing destination.

The beautiful natural environment encourages students to be heavily involved in outdoor activities and the school offers a range of outdoor education courses. and sports for students to get involved in.

What I would like to say first is that I am having an awesome time in New Zealand. My exchange has been the best experiences of my life so far. Not everything has been easy, because when I came here I couldn’t speak any English and I didn’t know any of the people. However I’ve learned from everything that has happened to me. Not only have I improved my English a lot, but I’m more mature now, I know how to handle things on my own, I feel independent and that’s great! I remember my first days, it was so confusing, even the roads were all the wrong way round, but slowly I got used to the differences and now I feel like at home. I was a bit afraid when I went to school the first day, but then I quickly realized that there was no reason to be worried! My school, New Plymouth Boys’ High School, has teachers who are responsible for international students and they helped me to choose my subjects, asked other students to show me the school and they also helped me to play sports at school. They were very nice and I made a lot of friends. In general, New Zealand students at my school are very open, friendly, supportive and very funny, so I became integrated very fast. I think it was a great decision to go to hostel, because it makes it easier to make new friends. In the hostel we can get a lot of support from the hostel masters and the students, it makes it easier to learn English and also everyone made me feel at home. I have developed great pride and passion for this school, and the hostel. I am getting achievements through excellences in many of my subjects. My strength is the ability to relate with others and developing friendships with everyone. I lead by example and engage myself in the classroom and in sports such as 1st eleven Football, boarders hockey, cross-country, social basketball, social cricket, touch rugby, indoor football and social netball. This year I have become school prefect, boarding prefect, international students prefect, assistant student head of football and group leader. I have also achieved tiger jacket as 1st eleven football.

Kai Nakamura


Sports, Activities & Trips

The school offers students the opportunity to perform and play in Sports at the highest level in New Zealand. Our top teams regularly compete in National Competitions. The school has a sports development programme, using the best coaches available to develop the students at New Plymouth Boys’ High School into top athletes. The school has is located on 14 hectares and has a hockey turf, six tennis courts, gym and two football and two rugby fields.

Sports & Activities

  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Skiing
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Surfing
  • Snowboarding

Languages we teach

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Maori

Extracurricular Activites

  • Outdoor Education
  • Music
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Band

End of Year Programme

The end of Year programme is tailored to a student’s needs and we offer a range of activities. Students get the opportunity to help with a Junior Outdoor education camp for a week, they experience a Maree visit with the local Maori . There are opportunities to learn to surf or do some volunteer work with community organisations.

Year Planner

The school offers Outdoor Education as a subject and is offered all year round. In Term 4, Year 9 students attend an Outdoor Education Camp and International students often go along to experience the attractions and act as Senior helpers.
Skiing takes place in the third term and Football and Hockey start in March/April and conclude in September.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Outdoor Education

Susanne Doerner

StudyNZ Co-ordinator

Hugh Russell

Director of International Students

Glynda Malley

International Student Welfare Manager

Fee Breakdown

Please note that these fees are approximate. Contact StudyNZ or the school for exact fees depending on your choice of activities or subjects.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
School Fees $3,500.00 NZD $3,500.00 NZD $3,500.00 NZD $3,500.00 NZD
Homestay Fees $3,420.00 NZD $3,420.00 NZD $3,420.00 NZD $3,420.00 NZD
Extramural Fees $700.00 NZD $700.00 NZD $700.00 NZD $700.00 NZD
Study NZ Fees* $3,600.00 NZD

Our Fees include the consultation beforehand, school choice, assistance with all paperwork and visa application, preparation for time abroad. Pick up on arrival. Transfer to family or domestic flight depending on destination and support during entire stay in New Zealand for student and family. Airport drop off or check in support in Auckland for departure to home country depending on departure situation. We also offer orientation and farewell camps for our students on arrival and departure. Health Insurance is compulsory and can be taken out through StudyNZ with Unicare under our Master policy