We are real people who live in New Zealand, Germany, and Chile.

We go the extra mile to offer a personal service to all of our students so that we can make your time studying in New Zealand as memorable and as enjoyable as possible.

What makes Study NZ different from other student exchange providers?

“The main difference is that Study NZ genuinely care for all of their students.”

We are a small, service focused organisation and we want to make sure that we match all of our students with the best schools and regions for them to develop their interests.

We are available around the clock, and make sure that each and every student travelling to New Zealand is looked after in the best possible manner.

What do we offer?

From the point of online registration, to the classroom in New Zealand and back again, we organise, facilitate and accommodate.

We take care of all the logistics involved when planning and experiencing your New Zealand student exchange.

We offer a fantastic range of schools in different cities in New Zealand, comprehensive student travel packages, top notch student accommodation in specially selected host families and heaps more!

We’re here with you – literally.

We live in New Zealand and we have representatives in Germany, Chile and Brazil.

This means you have points of contact in both places. It also means that if something goes wrong or there is a problem of any sort, we are just a phone call away for our students … and this really helps to put everyone’s mind at ease.


We hand pick our host families.

It goes without saying that every host family undergoes a police check and meets all of our requirements for hosting – but more than this – we take the time to get to know our host families which are provided by the schools for our students and, because of this, they often host students again and again.

If there are ever any problems with host families then students can ring us directly and we’ll look after them.