New Zealand has some fantastic Gap year activities!

Since 2013 we have been successfully assisting young people filling the ‘gap’ between finishing their secondary education and starting employment or tertiary education.

Taking a break after high school is a great opportunity to travel, broaden your horizon, experience different cultures and have a bit of an adventure! By travelling abroad and facing new challenges, valuable life lessons are learned that will serve you for the rest of your career.

The gap year can be used to get new skills under your belt, participate in outdoor education, work as a gap year tutor at a boarding school, attend language school, be an Au Pair or do some work-and-travel time in New Zealand.

Often the most important step is to find out how you would like to spend this very exciting opportunity to get a break from your usual studies and work, and how to get the skills you would most benefit from in your future life.

This is where we come in at StudyNZ. We live and work here in New Zealand and know all the best courses available to international students / travellers. So we can help with the decision making, we can assist in getting a placement after preparing the paperwork and we also help with visa and insurance. Once you are here at the most beautiful end of the globe, we will be there to help you out if there are any problems that you can’t solve by yourself. Or maybe you just want to pop in to have a chat and a bit of TLC ; )

So if you are thinking of having a gap time – do get in touch with us! Listed below you find several gap year options with education providers that we work with. Please have a browse and click into the individual profiles to learn more about them.