This vibrant commercial centre of the north island is located on New Zealand’s largest waterway, the mighty river Waikato.

Established in the fertile river valley 2 hours south of Auckland, this city is the cultural and artistic centre of the region. Abundant with lush greenery and beautiful walkways, whilst retaining a very urban flavour, this is the place its happening.
Hamilton was originally the north island’s centre for farming development, and through this commercial pretext has developed into one of the largest cities in New Zealand. Home of Waikato University and our esteemed St Paul’s Collegiate School, Hamilton is the thriving cultural centre of the north island. The Arts and Crafts are fostered by innovative and progressive establishments, and there is always plenty to do. Whilst Hamilton has a distinctly urban flavour to it, with its very European hustle and bustle, the city still retains its very unique and beautiful natural scenery. Set among large parks, and of course the mighty river Waikato, the outdoor experience is always just around the corner.

Featuring a comprehensive public transport system, easily accessible facilities and plenty of entertainment for your down time, this is an excellent city for students to really get a feel of the New Zealand lifestyle, whilst accommodating all of the western luxuries you cannot do without.

Hamilton’s distinctive advantages are the major focus upon innovation and progress, as the city and its’ inhabitants are constantly looking at ways to improve and expand the available cultural capital of the area. Through these initiatives such projects as the Hamilton scenic gardens and the Hamilton art galleries were brought into existence.

Hamilton is the place for those wanting to be at the centre of it all, but aren’t willing to compromise the beauty of a rural life to be there.

Schools in this Location

St Paul’s Collegiate

St Paul’s Collegiate School is a private day and boarding school that offers a boy’s only junior school from Years 9 to 10 (ages 13-15) and a co-educational senior school for Years 11-13 (ages 15-18 years).

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