Gapyear for 12 months or less in New Zealand

Definitely an option well worth considering!


Since 2013 we have been dealing with young people who wanted to have some time between finishing their secondary education and starting their tertiary education.

They have used this time to do get a new skill under their belts, get an outdoor education, worked as gap year tutors at a boarding school, combined language school and Demi-pair, spend some time as an Au-pair or done some work and travel time in New Zealand.

Often the most important step was to find out how they wanted to spend this very precious time in their lives to make the most out of it and get the skills they would most benefit from in their future lives.

This is were we come in as StudyNZ. We know New Zealand, we have connections to several schools and industries and we have an idea what the courses offered will look like. So we can help with the decision making, we can assist in getting a placement after preparing the paperwork and once you are at the most beautiful end of the globe we will be there to help you out if there is any problem you can’t solve by yourself. Or if you just want to pop in to catch up and have a chat and a bit of TLC.

So if you are thinking of having a gap time – do get in touch! We might be able to help you find just the solution that is perfect for you!