How long can my child stay in New Zealand?

The New Zealand school year is divided into 4 roughly equal segments called ‘Terms’. Students are welcome to stay anywhere from 1 term to several years. We find that most students tend to stay for 2 terms.

Do we need Visas?

Yes you will need a student visa for each student that comes to New Zealand. We can help you with that.

How do the costs work?

School fees

In New Zealand, schools charge various fees to have international students. These fees are different for each school and can vary considerably between public and private schools.

In additional to ‘school fees‘ there are also ‘home stay fees‘ (money paid to the host parents to care for your children) as well as ‘extramural fees‘ (fees for activities outside of usual school activities).

To see some of these fees please take a look through the featured schools on our schools page. (fees are shown near the bottom).

Please note that these fees are approximate and may vary from time to time. So if there is a particular school that you would like to attend then get in contact with us and we’ll give you a firm price.

Study NZ fees

We charge a flat fee of $2.600 NZD per student. That fee is the same regardless of how long your child stays in New Zealand. It covers the consultation process, assistance until departure with all paperwork as well
as support during the stay in NZ from arrival to departure. Gold service!

Other fees


Every student must have insurance. You can provide your own or we can put your child under our insurance (with UniCare under StudyNZ Master Policy).
The cost for 1 year is approximately $520 NZD (calculated by days of stay) and covers health as well as travel insurance.

Student ONLINE Visa

$295 NZD Fee to Immigration New Zealand

Orientation and Farewell Camps

At the start of Term 3 we run a 4 day orientation camp in varying locations. In December before the common leave date our students attend a farewell camp for 3 days. These are structured to give our students orientation in the beginning to prepare them for their time in NZ and help them reflect on their experience in a different country and culture as well as focus before they leave for home.

The orientation camp is compulsory, the farewell camp is optional but we as well as the schools do strongly recommend participation if the dates work for your daughter/son. Costs for camp vary and we can only give an indication.

The Orientation Camp costs are approx. $620 NZD and the Farewell Camp is approx. $450 NZD. These costs include travel, accommodation, all meals and activities as well as workshops during the camp.

Welcome and Orientation Camp are compulsory for single arrivals and also for small groups of children under 18 years of age. Collection at Auckland airport, overnight stay at an Auckland hotel (including dinner and/or breakfast) and transfer to connecting flights is included in the price of $260 NZD. (The arrangement can vary depending on the final destination of the student)


Can we extend our child's time in New Zealand?

Generally this is no problem but there is some administration work that we’ll need to do in terms of arranging this with schools and host families. So there is an additional cost of $350 NZD.

What are the school term dates?

Term 1: 28th Jan to 7th Feb – 12th April 2019
Term 2: 29th April – 5th July 2019
Term 3: 22rd July – 27th Sept 2019
Term 4: 14th October – no later than 13th of December 2019

Term 1: 28th of Jan to 7th Feb – 9th April 2020
Term 2: 28th April – 3rd July 2020
Term 3: ​​ 20th July – 25th September 2020
Term 4: 12th October – no later than 16. December 2020

Please note that term 1 and term 4 can both start and finish at different dates for all schools in the country, usually by up to 7 days. The dates shown for term 1 and term 4 show the range of dates but at least one WILL be different.