Susanne Doerner

Director StudyNZ Ltd

Based in Tauranga, I am the founder of StudyNZ, and part of the team caring for students on site in New Zealand. We make sure that students enjoy the best overseas experience they possibly can.

21 years ago I immigrated to New Zealand with my family, and our choice to come and live in NZ has been great for us.

Through contacts with lots of young people and schools the opportunity arose for me to act as an agent for international students. I have a background in a variety of fields including complimentary medicine, commerce and logistics, and am able to give students the most comprehensive care that they can expect when visiting New Zealand.

I interact with schools, students and parents to accomodate the best relationship and communication between everyone. I am fluent in German and English, have children of my own, who just like I have done travel far and wide, so I know what is important for young adults travelling abroad. I look forward to meeting you!

Contact Susanne
PO Box 368
Tauranga, New Zealand
skype- studysupport
phone ++64 7 571 1293

Sol Cabrera

Administrative Support NZ

Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, I am part of the team facilitating each and every student’s stay in New Zealand. I am responsible for the organisational logistics that a stay in New Zealand entails, from helping with the selection of a suitable host families to organising excursions and camps.


I was born in Argentina, but over the last 4.5 years my life has been in  New Zealand. First in Auckland and now we have chosen Tauranga because of it’s great climate and lifestyle. I am bilingual and am part of the team at the office of StudyNZ in Tauranga. I am your contact person between Chile, New Zealand and Germany (in English only please).

For me it is important to provide a highly professional services, whilst maintaining a great personal relationship with all students. This way young adults are able to feel supported in a situation when the family is so far away. I look forward to meeting you. Kia Ora!

Klaus Regnault

Mental Coach
Complex Coaching and Consulting

Based in Tauranga, New Zealand, as well as working contracts in Europe
with different tennis academies as well as coaching individuals to help them enhance their performance within their field of expertise.

For StudyNZ I join the camps to facilitate the transition of their students from their home country into the new life experience within a different culture and living environment away from their natural families.

I also make myself available on a one on one basis to coach students on different issues as the need arises if contracted to do so by the natural parents. This could be a variety of themes from career choices in the future to adaptation issues while away from home.

I look forward to meeting you! Klaus

Representatives outside New Zealand

Lena Doerner

I am part of the team currently stationed in Loerrach South Germany. I grew up in New Zealand and had 2 years in Germany after finishing school to find out what life in Europe is like before starting my studies. After a year in sales and marketing, as a team member of StudyNZ in Tauranga, I am now based in Loerrach and am training as an early childhood teacher.

During my college years I did a lot of camp leading for youth riding camps, and during my voluntary social year I worked with the Cologne Cathedral’s youth choir. Thus I bring a lot of experience in working with children and young people to the job, and know what young adults are looking for when planning a trip overseas, which allows me to help each of our students to find exactly what they’re looking for.

I am always willing to talk to students or parents if questions arise regarding their choice of school, or the NZ examination and qualification systems. I can be reached via email at all times, and am happy to have a face-to-face with you via skype with prior notice.

Isabel Schrader

My name is Isabel Schrader and I live in Meerbusch, near Düsseldorf. We got to know StudyNZ as parents in 2009, when our youngest son, Kristopher, spent the first half of his 11th school year in New Zealand, attending a college there and playing field hockey. He just loved it! When his stay overseas drew to a close, I saw this as an opportunity to travel to Tauranga to “pick Kristopher up”. After three weeks filled with wonderful impressions, I returned home as a true “Kiwi” with my son in tow.

Having studied hotel management, I speak three foreign languages – English, French and Italian. During our kids’ school years, I sat on the school board of our college for several years and participated in our school’s organisational activities. Thus is had a chance to have insights into a German schools activities from several perspectives.

I look forward to providing advice wherever possible, and working with students and parents who are interested in studying in New Zealand to make this transition as easy as possible.

Eva Meyer

My name is Eva Meyer and I live in Kirchberg after I growing up in Berlin. I lived in Paris for 8 months before studying landscape architecture.
A very valuable experience.
Board work, parent representative in school and volunteer work in the sports club through my four children provided me a lot of practice in dealing with people.

I love nature and have been enthusiastic about bees and looked after my hives now for five years as a beekeeper.

In 2017 our daughter Paula aged sixteen went to Tauranga in New Zealand with Studynz. She enjoyed her time there very much. I then picked Paula up and
caught up family members as well who live in NZ. It was a wonderful country as well as the people were a real dream!

I would like to advise and support you and your family on your NZ study adventure!

Anita von Wachold

Hello, my name is Anita von Wachold, I am from Chile and I live  close to  Santiago, I am very happy to be part of Study NZ staff where I can assist families who want their children to have a safe overseas experience.

I was in New Zealand for nine months with my sons supported by StudyNZ. All my children had a time overseas during their college years  and have benefited hugely from the experience of stepping up and outside of their comfort zone into a different learning experience.
As a trained agent I am here to help you and be your guide in the preparation of your trip. Just get in touch!

Andrea Echave

Hi my name is Andrea. I live close to Santiago de Chile.

I support Anita von Wachold in her work for StudyNZ because I believe it is important to have a great point of contact to assist with the choice and preparation of your overseas experience.

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